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Q: What are CoQ10 benefits and do you really need another supplement for it?

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A: Almost everyone has heard of coenzyme Q10, but most don’t know what it actually is. Once you understand its functions, the benefits are obvious.

CoQ10 is an enzyme which is naturally found in many cells of the body. In fact, it is found in every single mitochondrial cell – and about 95% of your body’s energy is reportedly produced by these cells, which convert sugars and fats into energy. Your internal organs (like your heart) need the most energy, which is why you will find the highest concentrations of CoQ10 here.

The Dangers of Deficiency
When there is a deficiency of this enzyme, even the basic metabolic functions of your cells are disrupted. Natural production of this enzyme declines as we age. Furthermore, the use of medications for lowering cholesterol also depletes your levels.

Whether you’re in your twenties or your eighties, there is an overwhelmingly vast amount of scientific research that points to coenzyme Q10 having a substantial impact on your health. You can buy health supplements online for pennies on the dollar compared to how much they sell them for at the store, so there really is no excuse to not use a CoQ10 supplement.


In 1957 this remarkable compound was discovered at the Institute For Enzyme Research (which is at the University of Wisconsin) by Dr. Fred Crane. Around the globe, research followed and there was evidence to suggest its deficiency may be linked to heart disease. The problem was it was so costly and difficult to mass produce, it made conducting clinical trials nearly impossible. Fortunately by the 70’s, the Japanese were able to solve that problem.

Is a CoQ10 Supplement Needed?
Like many, for a long time I played down the importance of vitamins and supplements. I figured because I ate a healthy diet, I got these nutrients naturally. Well I later discovered that although this may hold true for many vitamins, this is not the case when it comes to coenzyme Q10!

Reportedly many people have a huge deficiency of this enzyme, and there is startling research – for example those that had congestive heart failure were often found to have a major deficiency of this enzyme. In studies where animals were given it as a supplement, they reportedly lived longer and healthier lives. There is also evidence to suggest that its deficiency might be linked to a number of various diseases.

Here’s What I Think…
Is further research needed to completely conclude its importance? Absolutely! But this is also the case with most nutrients known to man. As advanced as humans are, it’s been only very recently in our history that we have discovered these substances and their importance… and we’re still learning about them all!

With such overwhelming research, the suspected benefits of this enzyme are just something we cannot ignore. Then when you take into account that online vitamin shops sell them so dirt cheap, I think everyone should ask their doctor if taking CoQ10 supplements is right for them.


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